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Why are you sending this to me?  Is it because no one
else believes you or cares about your cause?

I guess you live by the saying, "If you cannot impress
them with brilliance, baffle them with bulls**t."

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> Draft
> Dr. Doug Rokke, Ph.D.
> June 16, 2005
> ABSTRACT: Depleted uranium munitions are used during
> combat because they are 
> extremely effective. However, in winning these
> battles through use of uranium 
> munitions we have contaminated air, water, and soil.
> Consequently, children, 
> women, and men have inhaled, ingested, or got wounds
> contaminated with uranium. 
>  Uranium is a heavy metal and radioactive poison.
> The toxicity is not 
> debatable as the Director of the U.S. Army
> Environmental Policy Institute stated in a 
> congressionally mandated report that "No available
> technology can 
> significantly change the inherent chemical and
> radiological toxicity of DU. These are 
> intrinsic properties of uranium " (Health and
> Environmental Consequences of 
> Depleted Uranium Use in the U.S. Army: Technical
> Report, AEPI, June 1995). The 
> primary U.S. Army training manual: STP 21-1-SMCT:
> Soldiers Manual of Common Tasks 
> states "NOTE: (Depleted uranium) Contamination will
> make food and water unsafe 
> for consumption." [Task number: 031-503-1017
> Although, existing U.S. 
> Department of Defense (DOD) directives require that
> prompt and effective medical 
> care be provided to "all" exposed individuals
> [Medical Management of Unusual 
> Depleted Uranium Casualties, DOD, Pentagon, 10/14/93
> and Medical Management of 
> Army personnel Exposed to Depleted Uranium (DU)
> Headquarters, U.S. Army Medical 
> Command 29 April 2004)] and the thorough clean up of
> dispersed radioactive 
> contamination (AR 700-48: "Management of Equipment
> Contaminated With Depleted 
> Uranium or Radioactive Commodities"); United States,
> British, and Australian 
> officials refuse to comply with these directives.   
> The U.S. Army Surgeon General, Lt. General James B.
> Peake issued a memorandum 
> dated April 29, 2004 that depleted uranium bioassays
> will be administered to 
> all individuals with Level 1 and Level 2 exposures
> and that bioassays would be 
> provided upon request for all Level 3 exposures. 
> Level 1 is defined as: "Personnel who were in, on,
> or near combat vehicles at 
> the time they were struck by depleted uranium rounds
> (to include wounded), or 
> who entered immediately after to attempt rescue."
> Level 2 is defined as: "Personnel who routinely
> entered depleted uranium 
> damaged vehicles as part of their military
> occupation or who fought fires 
> involving depleted uranium munitions."
> Level 3 is defined as: "Personnel involved in al
> other exposures incidental 
> in nature, e.g. driving by a vehicle struck by
> depleted uranium". (SECDEF 
> 3/30/03: Policy for the Operation Iraqi Freedom
> Depleted Uranium (DU) Medical 
> Management:
>  )
> However this directive still ignores exposures
> incurred while within, near, 
> or after  entering any DU destroyed structure/
> building or on contaminated 
> terrain. 
> I must also ask if the same medical test will be
> provided to all U.S. 
> coalition military personnel and to all Iraqi
> military and civilians who were 
> exposed? Will medical care also be provided to all
> individuals who have been exposed 
> and denied a radio-bioassay and relevant medical
> care all exposed individuals 
> where ever depleted uranium (uranium) munitions were
> manufactured, tested, 
> and/or used in combat?  
> The United States, England, and Australia have
> recently used extensive 
> amounts of weapons made from uranium, commonly
> called depleted uranium in Iraq, 
> Afghanistan, and the Balkans. Medical evidence and
> especially the birth defects in 
> children born to parents in areas with DU
> contamination is an issue of 
> significant concern.  Depleted uranium (uranium 238)
> along with other contaminates 
> of war have been implicated and medical evidence
> supports the fact that uranium 
> contamination exposure results in adverse health
> effects. 
> Today; after the willful use of uranium munitions
> during Gulf War 1, during 
> Balkans combat, in Afghanistan, and now during Gulf
> War 2; warriors and 
> non-combatants are exhibiting serious adverse health
> effects from exposure to 
> depleted uranium munitions contamination,
> conventional weapons residue, and released 
> toxic industrial chemicals.
> However, even though medical evidence exists to
> prove adverse health effects 
> United States, British, Australian, Canadian, and
> NATO officials continue to 
> state specifically that there are no known adverse
> health effects in 
> individuals who were exposed to uranium and other
> contamination. That is a willful lie 
> as verified by actual medical records of thousands
> of individuals affected by 
> war created contamination. However, despite their
> formal stance the British 
> Ministry of Defence recently have acknowledged that
> British serviceman who serve 
> in Iraq may be exposed to depleted uranium
> contamination and can obtain 
> medical testing upon re-deployment 
> The U.S. Department of Veterans Affair, VA, provided
> indisputable evidence 
> that medical care has been and still is being denied
> when VA officials reported 
> during in the "Gulf War Review Volume 13, number 1,
> page 12 
> ) " that only 270 
> individuals have ever been tested for DU exposure
> since 1992. That is simply only a 
> fraction of the names I submitted, only a fraction
> of those identified 
> individuals that President Bill Clinton's staff was
> told should be provided testing 
> and care, and only a very small fraction of those
> who should be provided 
> medical care as required by current and previous DOD
> orders and regulations.   
> Depleted uranium (DU) which is 99.8% by mass U-238
> is made from uranium 
> hexaflouride, the byproduct of the uranium
> enrichment process. Recent documents 
> released by the U.S. Department of Energy and the
> 1995 U..S. Army Environmental 
> Policy Institute reports state that a small
> proportion of other toxic heavy 
> metals and radioactive isotopes such as plutonium,
> neptunium, americium, and 
> U-236 also are present.  Although the 60 % of the
> ionizing radiation given off by 
> gamma emissions from U-235 and U-234 was eliminated
> during the enrichment 
> process, alpha particles at 4.2 Mev and 4.15 Mev
> that cause significant internal 
> ionization with consequent cellular damage were
> proportionally increased and 
> gamma and beta emissions from contaminants and
> daughter products still are 
> present.  The continuing incomplete statement that
> DU is 60% less radioactive than 
> natural uranium simply ignores the serious internal
> damage caused by alpha 
> particles that impact any cell!  Alpha particle
> emission measurements show that 
> the dose or exposure rate is in excess of 10000
> counts per minute.  DU is a  
> serious internal hazard.  Consequent inhalation,
> ingestion, and wound 
> contamination pose significant and unacceptable
> health risks due to direct cell damage 
> from alpha and beta particle and gamma ray
> emissions. 
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