[ RadSafe ] Re: Israeli use of DU (was Re: depleted uranium cherry & battle)

James Salsman james at bovik.org
Fri Mar 31 17:28:42 CST 2006

John Jacobus wrote:

> The Israelis use DU in munitions prior to 1974?

According to some people it was used with U.S. supervision 
in 1973 there, but I think the effects would be obvious by 
now if it had been.

Do you believe that the isotopes of uranium translocate at 
different rates?  Gmelin, U A-8, 300-320 suggests so.

How about uranyl ions as compared to the uranium(IV)?  We 
know that those compounds end up in cellular nuclei, and so 
are unlikely to make it back to serum, other than white 
blood cells, let alone urine.

How long do you think it takes before karyotype tests are 
more accurate than urine isotope ratio studies?

James Salsman

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