[ RadSafe ] Uranium discussion in Lexington - 30 March 2006 - 7:30 PM

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Interesting how an anti-DU activist in Australia makes us aware of a lecture in a public library by anti-DU fanatics in Massachusetts.  I have inquired as to how to post a rebuttal and also plan on contacting the librarian and town council.  This invite is full of false information like "It (DU) has become a metal of choice for weapons manufacturers because it is cheaper to use than its
counterpart, tungsten"

Roger Helbig

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> UJP publicizes depleted uranium problem
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> Thursday, March 30, 2006 - Updated: 09:27 AM EST

> In September 2003, Army National Guard Specialist
> Gerard Matthew was sent 
> home from Iraq because of a mysterious illness that
> came on suddenly. Every 
> morning his face would swell and he had migraine
> headaches, blurred vision, 
> blackouts and a burning sensation when urinating.
>     Matthew tested positive for uranium
> contamination. Soon after he 
> returned from Iraq, his wife became pregnant and on
> June 29, 2004, their 
> daughter was born with a deformed right hand.
>     The United States has been using depleted
> uranium munitions since the 
> 1991 Gulf War and symptoms are now being reported by
> civilians, veterans and 
> soldiers who may have come into contact with the
> uranium. Depleted uranium 
> dust is spread from the battlefield by wind into the
> civilian community, 
> seeping into the soil, contaminating ground water
> and the food chain. In 
> addition to Matthew's symptoms, there are reports of
> neurological 
> abnormalities, kidney dysfunction, vision loss,
> chronic fatigue, muscle and 
> joint pain, memory loss and more.

>     Depleted uranium is a by-product of the uranium
> enrichment process 
> needed for nuclear plants. > 
>     On Thursday, March 30 at 7:30 p.m., the
> Lexington Justice and Peace 
> Committee is sponsoring a community forum titled
> "Uranium Depletion: The 
> Effects on our Soldiers and the Iraqi People." The
> forum, to be held at Cary 
> Memorial Library, 1874 Massachusetts Ave., will
> feature three very 
> knowledgeable speakers.
>     Michael Dathe and Jack Scotnicki are both
> Vietnam veterans and members 
> of Veterans for Peace. Scotnicki has been involved
> with the depleted uranium 
> weapons site in Concord and is a member of Citizens
> Research and 
> Environmental Watch. Scotnicki and Gretel Monroe are
> both members of the 
> Concord Grassroots Actions for Peace. Munroe is the
> author of "Health 
> Effects of Depleted Uranium" and holds degrees in
> Demography and Human 
> Ecology from the Harvard School of Public Health and
> in Human Nutrition from 
> the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
> Refreshments will be served.

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