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Their archives are public .. read what such "esteemed" radiation "experts" as Rosalie Berthell are now saying about depleted uranium and how misinformation like this is influencing lawmakers.  A bill just went to the Governor of New York that has been heavily pushed in its passage by this type of thinking.

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Uranium weapons are used by the US and its allies in the Balkans and the Middle East. These weapons are outlawed under Geneva Protocols and Convestions, but this has not stopped their use. They have the potential for the catastrophic destruction of all life on this planet. We study and disseminate information on uranium weapons with the goal of raising public awareness in the US about DU, and other internationally outlawed weapons used by the US and its aliies (NATO and Israel). We include in other munitions outlawed under international law.

We advocate non-violence as the solution to conflict. The war criminals that lead in the use of these weapons must be held accountable for their actions before the international community, and before the citizens of the nations whose trust they have abused and whose blood and treasure they have thrown away. Those who follow them must be educated and awakened to the truth about their participation in these crimes

REQUEST WIDE DISTRIBUTION Dr. Allen Roland hits the proverbial bulls eye once again in an unflinching analysis of the distrasous fire and explosive destruction
Posted - Tue Oct 31, 2006 6:27 pm Bob Nichols

Re: Traprock Peace Center DU Page 
Thank you. It is good to see the people I read about so much. Thank you so much. I am glad to be in this yahoo group even if it is so scary. It's better to
Posted - Tue Oct 31, 2006 1:20 pm Newpeacesign at ...

for Halloween Qur'an. Sura 113. Al-Falaq (The Daybreak) Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of Daybreak, From the evil of that which he has created; From the
Posted - Tue Oct 31, 2006 8:06 am Romi Elnagar

Did Israel Use Uranium Weapons ?? 
http://www.counterpunch.org/fisk10302006.html Did Israel use a secret new uranium-based weapon in southern Lebanon this summer in the 34-day assault that cost
Posted - Tue Oct 31, 2006 7:40 am Shawalter

Gulf War Syndrome, Depleted Uranium and the Dangers of Low-Level 
Gulf War Syndrome, Depleted Uranium and the Dangers of Low-Level Radiation ... Desert Storm veterans along with the people of Iraq and Kuwait were victims of
Posted - Mon Oct 30, 2006 9:18 pm 

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