[ RadSafe ] Technician/HP Job Opportunity

Aker, Rock Rock.Aker at ch.doe.gov
Wed Nov 1 11:49:24 CST 2006

New Brunswick Laboratory (www.nbl.doe.gov <http://www.nbl.doe.gov/> ) is
looking for a HP/HP Technician to work under contract for an extended
period.  The following notes the job requirements.  For information or
to provide resumes please contact George Gartrell at 630-252-2243 or via
email at george.gartrell at ch.doe.gov.


Job Responsibilities


The typical duties include: 


*          Performing, documenting, and evaluating radiation and
contamination surveys in plutonium and uranium laboratories and
mechanical areas

*          Assisting the Health Physicist and laboratory workers in
planning and conducting radiological work and related activities

*          Performs daily operational checks of portable and fixed
radiation detection equipment.

*          Responds to radiation/contamination events and equipment

*          Ensures that areas are posted in accordance with regulations
and policies concerning the radiological conditions involved. 

*          Monitors the radiological conditions in the working




The successful candidate must possess a high school diploma and five (5)
or more years of progressive radiation protection experience as a
Radiation Safety/Health Physics Technician or Health Physicist.  The
candidate must meet ANSI 3.1 and/or DOE core qualifications.  Prior
relevant experience with radiation safety involving plutonium and /or
uranium operations is required.


This position requires the ability to:


*          Accomplish work with minimal supervision and direction;

*          Work with people of varied backgrounds, education, and work
assignments in a laboratory research environment. 

*          Participate in physically demanding work while wearing
personnel protective equipment including respiratory protection.
Medically qualified to wear a respirator, able to lift 30 pounds, and
able to climb ladders. 


Additional preferred attributes:


*          Associate/Bachelor Degree in a physical science

*          Proven skills using computer technology to document
radiological monitoring data

*          Skills in verbal and written communication.



Rock Aker

New Brunswick Laboratory


630-399-0881 (cell)


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