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Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 17:31:06 CST 2006

Please give more information and details before you mark it as ridiculous.
Please tell, which compounds from crab shells are regarded as being
beneficial for removal of radionuclides from body. It might be possible that
they have chelating properties to complex certain radionuclides and thus
eliminating them from the body.

Of course many synthetic complexing agents have this ability and actually
are used for this purpose in the fortunately very few cases where it has to
be applied.

Anybody knows, how to force elimination of tritium from the body? --- Drink
beer as much as you can.......

Best regards,


2006/11/14, jjcohen at prodigy.net <jjcohen at prodigy.net>:
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> Subject: World Science: Cleansing nuclear fallout from the body
> * Cleansing nuclear fallout from the body:
> A U.S. government scientist envisions purging the
> body of fallout with a compound from crab shells.
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