[ RadSafe ] Proton accelerator beam on lithium-7

Borisky, Michael (Civ, ARL/ADLO) mborisky at arl.army.mil
Thu Nov 16 08:40:08 CST 2006

Dear Radsafers,


If any of you have experience with 2.5 MeV protons on Li-7 resulting in
a neutron beam, we would like to get an idea of the extent of radiation
safety and environmental consideration such an operation would entail.
The maximum proton beam current would be about 50 mA, continuously, for
maybe 20 hours per week.  I realize there are references we can use to
pin this down accurately, but at this point, no decisions have been made
and we have been asked to estimate the magnitude of the safety and
environmental issues.   You can contact me offline at
mborisky at arl.army.mil or 301-394-6310 if you like.  Your help is greatly


Mike Borisky

Radiation Safety Officer

Army Research Lab


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