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A Google Tech Talk video on IEC provides an update on (the lack of) progress
in recent years.....


1 hr 32 min 37 sec - 9-Nov-2006
Google Tech Talks November 9, 2006

This is not your father's fusion reactor! Forget everything you know about
conventional thinking on nuclear fusion: high-temperature plasmas, steam
turbines, neutron radiation and even nuclear waste are a thing of the past.
Goodbye thermonuclear fusion; hello inertial electrostatic confinement
fusion (IEC), an old idea that's been made new. While the international
community debates the fate of the politically-turmoiled $12 billion ITER (an
experimental thermonuclear reactor), simple IEC reactors are being built as
high-school science fair projects.

Dr. Robert Bussard, former Asst. Director of the Atomic Energy Commission
and founder of Energy Matter Conversion Corporation (EMC2), has spent 17
years perfecting IEC, a fusion process that converts hydrogen and boron
directly into electricity producing helium as the only waste product. Most
of this work was funded by the Department of Defense, the details of which
have been under seal... until now.

Dr. Bussard will discuss his recent results and details of this potentially
world-altering technology, whose conception dates back as far as 1924, and
even includes a reactor design by Philo T. Farnsworth (inventor of the
scanning television).

Can a 100 MW fusion reactor be built for less than Google's annual
electricity bill? Come see what's possible when you think outside the
thermonuclear box and ignore the herd.

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For a definitive article on fusion reactors and fusors please see the
following link:

Tom Ligon - Analog Science Fiction & Fact New York Vol. 118 Issue 12 Dec

"The World's Simplest Fusion Reactor: And How to Make It Work"

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