[ RadSafe ] Home Secretary "radioactive substances implicated in the death of Russian ex-spy and are searching a number of locations for residual radioactivity"

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Fri Nov 24 09:53:53 CST 2006

Since it's always fun to conject.  What if the thallium, radioactive or stable, is a false lead, clearly no residual radioactivity associated with such a quantity of radiation has been detected, and should have been.

Have not heard about any chromosomal analyses, which would strongly support radiation damage.

But what if he was externally radiated to a lethal dose, on the order of 10 or much more Gray (air kerma), (~1000 + R for my US brethren). A possible scenario. Such a dose can be delivered in significant fractions of an hour with credible quantities of a commonly available source.

How can you rule against this? Short of a telltale chemical or biological signature, if there is chromosal damage tyical of a high radiation dose, extermal irradiation would be plausible.

Anyway- hope everyone is enjoying US Thanksgiving holiday.

                         Orhan S.

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> Home Secretary John Reid reported by BBC as saying that radioactive 
> substances are believed to be implicated in the death of Russian ex-spy 
> Alexander Litvinenko and are searching a number of locations for 
> residual radioactivity 
> HPA press statement due at 15:00 this after noon 
> http://www.hpa.org.uk/hpa/news/news.htm 
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