[ RadSafe ] will no longer dsitribute news mailings

Muckerheide, Jim (CDA) Jim.Muckerheide at state.ma.us
Mon Nov 27 15:51:52 CST 2006


That's too bad.  You could use a free "groups" server that we
(recipients) can subscribe/unsubscribe to and eliminate the
false-positive spam problem.  

You can make it "announcement only" so you don't open up a two-way
discussion group.  It functions as a "newsletter."

Thanks for your long-time distributions of these mailings.

Regards, Jim 

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>With IT departments over-reacting to SPAM, new software is 
>continually being added to eliminate those mailings, and, 
>unfortunately places valid E-Mails using IP addresses, on SPAM lists 
>to be deleted and not passed on to the recipient. Since my news 
>distribution list includes hundreds of individuals, many of my 
>mailings have been targeted as SPAM. Therefore, today's bulk news 
>distribution mailing will be my last (after more than 15 years of 
>distribution). I will continue to send individual news stories to 
>both Radsafe and Powernet, but not a general mailing where hundres of 
>E-Mails are considered to be SPAM, by programs evaluate the numbers 
>and not the content of the postings.
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