[ RadSafe ] will no longer dsitribute news mailings

Maury Siskel maurysis at ev1.net
Mon Nov 27 17:10:49 CST 2006

Hi Sandy,
Your dismay is understandable at this evolution in how emails to larger 
numbers of individuals have come to be handled. If you should concoct 
another way, I'd appreciate being on such a new list. In any case, thank 
you for your past efforts which always have been interesting and have 
made a continuing contribution to radiation safety education.
Thanks, Sandy

Sandy Perle wrote:

>With IT departments over-reacting to SPAM, new software is continually being added to eliminate those mailings, and, 
>unfortunately places valid E-Mails using IP addresses, on SPAM lists to be deleted and not passed on to the recipient. Since my news distribution list includes hundreds of individuals, many of my mailings have been targeted as SPAM. Therefore, today's bulk news distribution mailing will be my last (after more than 15 years of distribution). I 

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