[ RadSafe ] Re: Radioactive Poison Killed Ex-Spy

Susan Gawarecki loc at icx.net
Mon Nov 27 18:52:21 CST 2006

So, has Polonium-210 displaced Plutonium as "the deadliest substance 
known to man"?  At least for this news cycle....

It seems to have been a rather bad way for Litvinenko to go, and I'm 
concerned that it took so long for the London hospital to figure out 
that it was an internal radiation dose.  They just aren't looking for 
radiation!  This should be an integral part of any homeland security 
plan when a sudden illness of a strange nature appears in your 
hospital--it could be the vanguard of a larger problem.  In today's 
world, that could be a dirty bomb or other radiological dispersion attack.

Was REAC/TS called in, or did this end so fast that they weren't able to 

Susan Gawarecki

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