[ RadSafe ] Po-210 & Lethality

Pete_Bailey at fpl.com Pete_Bailey at fpl.com
Wed Nov 29 14:26:38 CST 2006

Was wondering how (mechanism) does the alpha emitter
present an acute exposure-lethality combination ?

First off, was death due to the Hemopoietic syndrome ?
Gastrointestinal Syndrome ?  I doubt , but was it, CNS Syndrome ?
Other systemic failure brought on by compromised organ failure/functions ?

I guess I'm struggling with the  alpha Mev to Joules/Kg
and the number of alphas ( i.e., uCi) needed to kill enough
organ cells of enough important organs to cause a fairly rapid death (

While is has to be soluble enough to disperse 'everywhere' in the body,
it has to be of a form that wants to stay in the body; i.e., a long bio
half life....

The material is in a chemical form that seeks , or at least
travels trough, the blood forming organs, wiping them out ?

I don't know, something just doesn't 'feel right'.....

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