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Wed Nov 29 15:21:21 CST 2006

Need clarification, did he die from radiation posioning, or chemical toxicity? Or do we have any credible experience regarding chemical toxicity from polonium, which is simply not available in large quantities?  

Do people lose hair from internal emitters?

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> Was wondering how (mechanism) does the alpha emitter 
> present an acute exposure-lethality combination ? 
> First off, was death due to the Hemopoietic syndrome ? 
> Gastrointestinal Syndrome ? I doubt , but was it, CNS Syndrome ? 
> Other systemic failure brought on by compromised organ failure/functions ? 
> I guess I'm struggling with the alpha Mev to Joules/Kg 
> and the number of alphas ( i.e., uCi) needed to kill enough 
> organ cells of enough important organs to cause a fairly rapid death ( 
> days/weeks). 
> While is has to be soluble enough to disperse 'everywhere' in the body, 
> it has to be of a form that wants to stay in the body; i.e., a long bio 
> half life.... 
> The material is in a chemical form that seeks , or at least 
> travels trough, the blood forming organs, wiping them out ? 
> I don't know, something just doesn't 'feel right'..... 
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