[ RadSafe ] rad material at your local high school

Ed Stroud estroud at smtpgate.dphe.state.co.us
Wed Nov 29 11:27:40 CST 2006

My own opinion is that this is an overreaction to very small amounts of
radioactive material.  I have visited high schools in my area whose
staff expressed concerns about the radioactive materials they use in
science class, and all the sources/kits contained truly small quantities
of no concern. Also consider that the radioactive materials are normally
kept in the physics or chemistry department lockers, along with reagent
grade chemicals and/or high voltage experimental equipment, which pose
much more of a hazard than the radioactive materials.

Ed Stroud, Health Physicist
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

>>> "Haleem, Mahmoud S." <HALEEM at cua.edu> 11/29/06 9:02 AM >>>
May be I would ask my son to see if his high school has any?  May be we
can be a source of community service to our local high school.  Just a


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