AW: [ RadSafe ] Nuke meltdown may have caused cancers

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	Now that I've stopped laughing . . . .

	This meltdown appears to have actually happened.  The uproar about health 
effects is being guided by the usual claque of anti-nukers.  We have this 
Santa Susanna Field Laboratory Advisory Panel.  Who serves on it?  At this 
link <> we first find Steve Wing.  We 
all remember him, don't we?  Next we find Daniel Hirsch, president of the 
Committee to Bridge the Gap.  This is an anti-nuclear and general 
scare-mongering organization.  Also on the Panel are David Lochbaum of the 
Union of Concerned Scientists, and the late Alice Stewart.  There are other 
members whose names I do not recognize.

	I can't get any of the linked Advisory Panel reports to open so I can't 
comment on them.  I can just about guess what they will be like.

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Panel consultant David Richardson is a colleague of (at UNC) and co-author of Steve Wing.  Panel consultant Jan Beyea was (is?) an epidemiologist at Columbia University, but one who strongly disputed Steve Wing's epidemiological analysis of the TMI accident.  Panel member Gregg Wilkinson, now in Texas, was involved with several data-dredging analyses of radiation epidemiology, particularly of DOE worker populations, when he was at Oak Ridge.  A couple of those papers are among the worst I have ever seen in a peer-reviewed journal.

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