AW: [ RadSafe ] Nuke meltdown may have caused cancers

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Mon Oct 9 19:00:10 CDT 2006

The claims in the "reports," however, are that there was a release of I-131  
and Cs-137, and that the I-131 release was potentially tens to hundreds of 
times  the TMI I-131 release.  There did not appear to be any credible evidence 
of  such a release in the reports, however they spend many pages arguing that 
such a  release probably occurred.  As the news articles report, this has 
already  encouraged California legislators to try to initiate another round of  
anti-nuclear legislation in the State.
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jim.dukelow at writes:

This  wouldn't qualify the SRE accident as worse than TMI, since TMI
released  about 1.5 million curies of Kr-85, a matter of no public health
concern,  since Kr-85 is a noble gas.


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