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Dear RadSafe Group:


I received this notification of the 2007 WNU Summer Institute today from the
IAEA and thought that some of you might be interested.  I recommend that you
contact John B Ritch, Director General, World Nuclear Association for more



Dan W. McCarn, Geologist

Albuquerque / Houston



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Good Afternoon, circulated as per request. see message below.

best regards, reena 



From: John Ritch [mailto:ritch at world-nuclear.org] 
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Subject: 2007 WNU Summer Institute

Dear Colleague


Please find attached the Announcement of the 2007 WNU Summer Institute, to
be held over six weeks in July-August 2007 and hosted by the Korea Atomic
Energy Research Institute.


I encourage you to circulate the Announcement to all potentially interested
parties.  The deadline for applications is 30 November 2006.


The 2007 WNU-SI follows the successes of the inaugural Summer Institute in
Idaho Falls in 2005 and the follow-up in Stockholm earlier this year.  


The WNU-SI is a unique event that has proven to be an inspiring educational
experience for all concerned - both for the WNU Fellows and also for the
dozens of world-class experts who have participated as speakers and mentors,
contributing their knowledge and wisdom to the goal of building future
leadership in the realm of nuclear science and technology.


Altogether, 166 WNU Fellows from 40 countries have participated, and we hope
to reproduce another dynamic mix of 80-90 WNU Fellows in Korea next summer.


Kind regards,

John Ritch



John B Ritch
Director General
World Nuclear Association
Carlton House
22a St. James's Square
London SW1Y 4JH
United Kingdom

email:  ritch at world-nuclear.org
tel:      +44 207 451 1520
fax:     +44 207 839 1501
web:    www.world-nuclear.org <http://www.world-nuclear.org/> 


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