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These animal and cell studies of preventive and therapeutic effects of radiation  confirm epidemiologic hypotheses. This current list was obviously ignored by Bier and regulators protecting their jobs with LNT, instead of protecting the public.
  Now we need phase 3, clinical trials, to be accepted by FDA.
  Howard Long MD MPH  

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Subject: Re: DOE Low Dose Radiation Research Investigators' Workshops
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Dear Klaus and Friends,

Here is the web site with access to all of the presentations:

This URL is reported as 172 characters.  You can also use:
http://tinyurl.com/y7gl5e  (25 chars :-)

Let me know if this doesn’t work for you.

Note especially the presentations by our friends Bobby Scott and Kaz Sakai, along with a number of other papers that are finally reporting LDR stimulatory and beneficial responses!

Regards, Jim

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I just came across a list of 81 posted abstracts of the 6th DOE Low Dose Radiation Research Investigators' Workshop and will fax a copy to Jim for distribution to those yet familiar in this series of workshops. I assume that there are colleagues on the rad-sci-list which may be interested in some of this work, and not yet familiar with it. Perhaps somebody can provide some further enlightenment about background, recent results, and availability of the documents of this program?

Best regards.                                     Klaus  

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