[ RadSafe ] The Role of Low-Dose Radiation in the Maintenance of Life

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Hi John:

The dose makes the poison.  Dose rate is also quite important. The
biological responses to the very high radiation doses and dose rates
currently used in radiation therapy are very different than the
responses to low doses and dose rates (e.g. natural background
radiation).  For example, high doses and dose rates suppress immunity
while low doses and dose rates stimulate protective processes that
include immunity.

Bobby R. Scott

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Dr. Scott,
Do you also note that radiation may increase cancer
cell proliferation?  I also try to present both sides
of controversial topics.  

>From another posting:  

  Cancer stem cells linked to radiation resistance  

DURHAM, N.C. -- 

Certain types of brain cancer cells, called cancer
stem cells, help brain 
tumors to buffer themselves against radiation
treatment by activating a 
"repair switch" that enables them to continue to grow
researchers at Duke University Medical Center have
. . .

-- John
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