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Note especially the "Editor's note" at the end.....

.....according to a Radsafe post of June 21, 2000, "She objected when I
testified that the typical American receives a lifetime
whole-body-equivalent radiation dose of about 20 rem from natural sources,
and seemed to have difficulty multiplying 0.3 rem per year times 70 years."

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Citizens of the Ottawa Valley are potentially at risk
Editorial - Tuesday, October 24, 2006 @ 10:00


Staff at the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), have approved a
scheme to mix radioactive water with sewage before dumping it into the
Ottawa River, in order to dilute its effect!

The Ottawa River flows in the Ottawa Valley of Ontario, and it was called
"La Grande RiviŠre du Nord" by French explorers.

It flows through the lush Ottawa Valley and past the Parliament buildings of
the capital of Canada.

The Ottawa River is approximately 1,271 km long draining a watershed of
140,000 square kilometers.

The Ottawa River was the route of explorers and fur traders to the interior
of the continent and a part of the inland route between Montreal and

Later, it carried great rafts of logs to mills along the river for

The radioactive water contains tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen,
emitted from SRB Technologies (Canada) Inc. in Pembroke, Ontario, on the
upper Ottawa River.

This radioactive tritium binds with oxygen to form radioactive water -
needed by all living creatures.

We cannot live without water!

The radioactive hydrogen in water can bind with the precious DNA of the
cells which produce offspring, causing congenital malformations and disease.

When the radioactive hydrogen decays, it forms helium, with detriment to
molecules and organs of the body.

Although the energy release is low when compared with some other
radionuclides, this low energy damages cells and allows them to live with
their damage, reproducing the errors in progeny.

More energetic radioactivity often is so powerful that it kills the cells
outright leaving no damaged progeny to cause chronic long term diseases.

Natural water contains no more than 2 Becquerels of tritium in a liter of
water, but the CNSC allows 7,000 Bq/l (ten times more than is allowed in the
U.S.) for industrial pollution.

Even this maximum has been exceeded by SRB Technologies Canada) Inc. of
Pembroke, which now proposes as a "remedy" to mix the polluted water into
the sewage system of the province, with human waste!

CNSC has some primitive notion that dilution will do the trick!

While human waste can be purified in a water treatment plant, tritiated
water goes through untouched.

The watershed provides irrigation for fruits and vegetables grown in the
Ottawa Valley, drinking water for domestic animals and humans, nourishes the
grass for wild life and maintains the viability of the aquatic life in the

Citizens of the Ottawa Valley are potentially at risk, and should protest
this ignorant pollution of the food web as should all citizens concerned for
ecosystem health in Canada!

Dr. Rosalie Bertell

Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart

Editor's note: Dr. Bertell is highly competent and skilled in the science of
radiation risk assessment. She is the recipient of the Right Livelihood
Award, which many people refer to as the alternate Nobel Prize.

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