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Dr. Bertell's letter was in regards to tritium contamination, so I do 
not understand how or why you made the leap into asking me to comment 
on depleted uranium munitions.  I am an Army veteran (medical support 
corps) and I made myself familiar with the regulations and guidance 
documents you mention.  Later, as an HP, I made myself familiar with 
the health effects associated with radioactive heavy metals such as 
DU.  However, I do not have any direct experience with DU munitions, 
substantive knowledge of the alleged failure of the Army to follow 
its regulations, or experience in evaluating or treating personnel 
contaminated with or exposed to DU.  I must therefore decline your 
request to comment further.

Also, I find your "evidence" of Dr. Bertell's qualifications to be 
seriously lacking.  In serious scientific and technical circles, one 
judges a person's qualifications on their education and relevant 
experience, not on their political contacts.  The fact that Dr. 
Bertell was "summoned" to the Clinton White House proves absolutely 
nothing to me.  Bono has visited the White House several times to 
discuss poverty and AIDS, but I would never consider him an expert in 
those areas, because he has no education or direct work experience in 
either of those fields.  Until he obtains such, I consider him to be 
a fine musician and active spokesman for people who know what they're 
doing, but not an expert himself.

At 15:29 -0400 10/28/06, Dlind49 at aol.com wrote:
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>Eric Denison
>Health Physicist
>Westerville, Ohio
>Currently U.S. Army Regulation 700-48 (attached) requires prompt, 
>thorough, and effective environmental remediation of all uranium 
>weapons contamination and requires medical care for all casualties 
>as does the U.S. Army Surgeon General's order dated April 29, 2004 
>and signed by Lieutenant General Peake and numerous orders going 
>back to my initial March 1991 order that was ratified and ordered 
>implemented by by the 3rd U.S. Army Medical Command 
>commander/surgeon on June 14, 1991in a written and published U.S. 
>Army order. Sadly U.S. Army Regulation 700-48 and all of the orders 
>have been and are completely ignored. Since you have entered this 
>and questioned Dr. Bertel's comments, will you please provide a 
>public endorsement and call for United States Department of Defense 
>officials and President Bush to comply with their own legal 
>requirements as specified in U.S. Army Regulation 700-48, General 
>Peake's order, U.S. Army PAM 700-48, and U.S. Army Technical 
>bulletin 9-1300-278, and following DU CTT? Dr. Bertell is a 
>recognized expert as evidenced by her summons to meet with President 
>Bill Clinton's staff and DOD officials on April 16, 1999 in 
>Washington, D.C. at the White House budget's expense to discus the 
>documented adverse health and environmental effects of uranium 
>weapons use. 
>Doug Rokke
>Major, retired, USAR
>former Director, U.S. Army Depleted Uranium Project
<several hundred lines of excruciatingly small print snipped>

Eric Denison
Westerville, Ohio, USA
denison8 at wowway.com

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