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Sat Oct 28 22:11:28 CDT 2006


You should have already received my reply to Maj. Rokke.  Sorry to 
have to disappoint you.

BTW, my Funk & Wagnall's defines genocide as "the systematic 
extermination of an entire people or national group."  Seems to me to 
be a tremendous exaggeration in this case.  I don't believe there is 
a shred of credible scientific evidence indicating that the use of DU 
is going to lead to the deaths of every person in Iraq and 
Afghanistan (or even a measurable fraction thereof).

>Eric Denison
>Health Physicist
>Westerville, Ohio
>I'm Bob Nichols a San Francisco based writer. I cover war, politics 
>and the nuclear weapons labs many activities. Livermore is but 50 
>miles away and a National "Lab" here on the Bay.
>I request that you, absolutely, include me in your response to Dr. 
>Rokke's request that you declare your willingness to support the law 
>regarding the use of genocidal uranium weapons by the US 
>Expeditionary forces.
>Thank you. Have a good day.
>Bob Nichols
>Project Censored Award Winner
>Newspaper correspondent
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Eric Denison
Westerville, Ohio, USA
denison8 at wowway.com

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