[ RadSafe ] Re: Vitamin R : Radiation induced immune response DETERS spread of cancer

Bernard L. Cohen blc+ at pitt.edu
Fri Sep 1 10:14:33 CDT 2006

John Jacobus wrote:

> I will leave Dr.
>Cohen to comment on the results of his work.
    ---If you or anyone else can offer even a remotely plausible 
explanation for my results other than failure  of Linear- no threshold 
theory, please let me know so I can do an analysis. The explanation 
would have to be specific enough for me to do an analytical  evaluation; 
please don't obscure the issue with generalized statements as has been 
done so often on this list.. I am willing to explore parameters over a 
very wide range, but your explanation should specify (or at least 
suggest) what parameters to explore. All explanations offered to date 
have been shown to be extremely implausible.

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