AW: [ RadSafe ] Re: Vitamin R : Radiation induced immune responseDETERS spread of cancer

Bernard L. Cohen blc+ at
Fri Sep 1 14:39:54 CDT 2006

John Jacobus wrote:

>If you would read the papers associated with Dr.
>Cohen's data, you would know that it is not based on 
>LNT hypothesis but the data itself.
    ---My papers compare the experimental data with predictions from the 
LNT theory, and show that the experimental data are not compatible with 
those predictions. In the scientific method, that is the way theories 
are tested. If the experimental data are not consistent with the 
theory's predictions, the scientific method requires that the theory be 
    Can you explain what you find objectionable?

>>Having followed quite closely the arguments about
>>your findings I can attest that whenever a specific
>>hypothesis had been offered which was accessible to
>>a quantitative test (in contrast to the all to
>>frequent hand waving !!! ) that you indeed performed
>>this test with the invariant published result that
>>the hypothesis offered could not bridge the gap
>>between your data and the LNT postulate. 
>>Congratulations, Rainer
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