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At 02:17 AM 9/2/2006, Rainer.Facius at wrote:
>Dear Prof. Raabe:
>Though you apparently detected the ramifications of this fundamental 
>principle quite some time ago, this time the data pertain directly to 
>human cancer mortality (which of course I would expect to display the same 

Human cancer is from radium is directly evaluated in:

Raabe, O.G., S.A. Book and N.J. Parks (1980) Bone cancer from radium: 
Canine dose response explains data for mice and humans. Science 208: 61 64.

Raabe, O.G., S.A. Book and N.J. Parks. (1983) Lifetime bone cancer 
dose-response relationships in beagles and people from skeletal burdens of 
226Ra and 90Sr. Health Physics 44: 33 48

Raabe, O.G. (1989) Scaling of fatal cancer risks from laboratory animals to 
man. Health Physics 57 (suppl.1): 419-432.

Raabe, O.G., L.S. Rosenblatt and R.A Schlenker. (1990) Interspecies scaling 
of risk for radiation-induced bone cancer. International Journal of 
Radiation Biology 57: 1047-1061.

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