[ RadSafe ] Suggestion about timming for first responder wearing protective mask/cloth

劉祺章 chichang at trmc.aec.gov.tw
Sun Sep 10 22:33:41 CDT 2006

Dear Radsafers,

As an environmental sampler, the timming for wearing what level of protective
mask/cloth under emergency is not valid in my office.

If there is any document mentioned about this concretely but not described as
"depend on the nature of the response and the source material involved ..."

What I can find from internet is the "DOD 51 OO.52-M". In chapter 6, it
mention about airborne alpha activities below 100 dpm/m3 no respiratory
protection is needed, but shoe covers and gloves are recommended.

Over protection is not convienent for sampling in field, however no sample is
worth losing life. Is there any formal document describes under what dose rate or concentration should put on which surgery mask or fullface mask ?

Thanks !

ChiChang Liu
Taiwan Radiation Monitoring Center
823,Cherng-Ching Road,833
Kaohsiung, Taiwan, ROC


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