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Gv1 at aol.com Gv1 at aol.com
Wed Sep 20 18:25:34 CDT 2006

Megashield is available from WMG.  I believe they are at wmginc.com.  It has 
a few decent options to let you choose for build-up.  As an example, you can 
use the effective atomic number option for mixed materials or select the 
material with the most mfp for build up.  The only real differences I have seen with 
the latest Megashield and an older version of Microshield is the photon dose 
conversion table, where Megashield used a different more up to date table.

As expected, you'll still find a greater divergence from measurments as mfp's 
increase, but get decent results in air and lower mfp's.

Megashield also has a pretty decent GUI to make interaction pretty easy to 

Glen Vickers

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