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Brennan, Mike (DOH) Mike.Brennan at DOH.WA.GOV
Mon Apr 2 16:28:13 CDT 2007

The easiest way to bring nuclear power to Hawaii is the way that it is
already there: nuclear powered ships.  Instead of decommissioning
submarines here, then having to deal with fuel that has not been used to
the extent designed, the subs could be docked in Pearl and shore power
cables attached.  Then the reactor could be used to make electricity
until the control rods can't be pulled out any further.  Use of nuclear
powered vessels to provide electricity has happened several time in
Hawaii, after storms trashed the power grid.  

Personally, I think that there are few places where solar power makes as
much sense as Hawaii.  Though you would want to take the panels down in
case of typhoon.

As for DU, if you can do a U238 to U235 ratio you should be able to
distinguish between natural and DU.  That is, of course, a side issue,
the there is no chance that random soil samples outside the base would
be able to detect the use of DU inside the base.  

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