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Franz is correct when he says that it is very difficult to validate claims
made by many of these fringe groups. The truth is that there was very little
monitoring performed, the incident was "covered up" for some critical time,
and, with age, memories become less reliable. Chernobyl will continue to be
a "conspiracy" gem, with many outlandish facts provided that have absolutely
no validity at all. 

As I provided before, a good technical document was the result of the NCRP
Meeting that focused on Chernobyl after 20 years. The document can be
obtained from NCRP, http://www.ncrp.com

Program Presentations No. 42 - Chernobyl at Twenty 
Formats Available: electronic (downloadable PDF) 
Price:   $ 12.50   hardcopy  $ 10.00   PDF (20% discount off hardcopy)

Category: Annual Meeting Proceedings and Presentations 
Executive Summary:

On the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident, the 2006 NCRP Annual
Meeting provided a comprehensive retrospective review and analysis of the
effects of the Chernobyl nuclear accident on human health and the
environment. Topics that were discussed by international experts included:
1. the initial release, distribution and migration of radioactivity from
Chernobyl; 2. efforts to cleanup, contain and dispose of radionuclides
released by the accident; 3. health effects observed in emergency responders
and cleanup workers; 4. exposures and health effects among populations
living close to, and distant from, the Chernobyl reactor site; 5. lessons
learned from the Chernobyl accident, including improved nuclear safety
procedures, better preparedness for future nuclear accidents, and more
effective management and mitigation of human health consequences of such
events; and 6. international perspectives on the future use of nuclear
technology and nuclear power in comparison with other power sources. 
Program Committee:
Thomas S. Tenforde, Chairman
Mikhail Balonov, Vice Chairman
John Boice, Vice Chairman
Elaine Ron, Vice Chariman

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