[ RadSafe ] "The Depleted Uranium Ms Moret had anunsucessful interview in Mumbai press club

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Dear Mr.Blaine Howard,

Congratulations for the well written note on DU

A few weeks ago, Ms Leuren Moret with the support of some local "activists" addressed the press club in Mumbai. Beforehand, a senior journalist attached to a national news agency approached me for a briefing on the topic. On a very short notice, I approached this news group for accurate information about Ms Moret; I had a tsunami of material (within hours!). Mr Roger Helbig and others sent me many messages which contained very useful material.

I gave those details to the journalist. Normally, such press interviews will make some ripples in the local press; it will last a day or two. Now  journalists are also  skeptical about  provocative  stuff meant to scare  the lay public.  Some of them will see through the game. The internet has become very popular. Journalists, especially the younger ones make use of information available. Finally the entire interview was a damp squib. 

I saw only a brief reference about Ms Moret's talk in one of the papers. It was as if the entire press boycotted her. Questions from journalists to Ms Moret were not answered properly.


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Dear Jim,
  Thank you for the link to this story.  I had just
sent an email on the subject to Senator Orin Hatch's
office since there is a bill (HR 207) before our
current congress.  It doesn't look like it is going
anywhere, but we have to confront these people before
they make any more inroads.  I had sent a copy of my
effort to expose their false claims which I am
attaching but this article is so much better that I
immediately sent the link of to Senator Hatch's
  Thank you for your efforts,
Blaine N. Howard, Health Physicist, retired
Hyrum, Utah
Phone: 435-245-4336

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