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I have provided you cases where the NRC Position Paper has been used to
result in a Notice of Violation. The only specific reference to 10 CFR Part
20 is as follows, and it has to do with surveys of areas:

§ 20.1501 General.
(a) Each licensee shall make or cause to be made, surveys that--

(1) May be necessary for the licensee to comply with the regulations in this
part; and

(2) Are reasonable under the circumstances to evaluate--

(i) The magnitude and extent of radiation levels; and

(ii) Concentrations or quantities of radioactive material; and

(iii) The potential radiological hazards.

The most pertinent reference is the NRC Position Statement HPPOS-318
PDR-9306280312 "Technical Assistance Request, Authorization of Employee
Eating and Drinking Areas in Labs at Veterans Administration Medical Center,
Martinez, California." 

Generally, the NRC will cite a facility that  includes their requirements as
to how they establish a clean environment, and where eating or drinking will
not cause a radiation hazard in the workplace.

I think that if you reference Position Statement HPPOS-318 PDR-9306280312,
you've got it covered!



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Dear Radsafers,

Can someone point this sealed source and X-ray machine user to the NRC
regulation or Reg Guide that prohibits eating or drinking in areas with
unsealed rad materials.  Thanks!!!

Mike Borisky
Army Research Lab

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