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You can find a reference in NUREG 1556 "Program-Specific Guidance About
Academic, Research and Development, and Other Licenses of Limited Scope
Including Gas Chromatographs and X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzers - Final

Appendix J lists training topics.  The last topic in the section is a
prohibition on mouth pipetting, eating or drinking in a lab where
radioisotopes are used.

I would also think that you could argue that the requirement to refrain
from eating or drinking in the lab would fall under the ALARA
requirement of 10 CFR 20.1101.

Another, more generic regulatory reference is OSHA's laboratory safety
standard 1910.1450 appendix A.

Section E1 lists the general rules for laboratory chemical use.  Among
those rules is a requirement to avoid eating or drinking in labs where
chemicals are present.

I hope this helps.

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Dear Radsafers,

Can someone point this sealed source and X-ray machine user to the NRC
regulation or Reg Guide that prohibits eating or drinking in areas with
unsealed rad materials.  Thanks!!!

Mike Borisky
Army Research Lab
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