[ RadSafe ] Emergency kit dosimeters

Eric.Goldin at sce.com Eric.Goldin at sce.com
Fri Apr 6 14:55:28 CDT 2007

We (San Onofre) hope to replace lots of Pocket Ion Chambers with electronic
dosimeters in various emergency kits (enormous savings in calibration
efforts).  Part of the process is to decide if we have enough, too many, or
just the right amount (probably not likely too few).  Without any other
guidance (is there any?) I'd like to know if you folks could tell me how
many PICs and/or PEDs you have assigned (dedicated and not available to
routine RCA access) to your E-kits.  Below are the locations where we have
PICs assigned and the number in parentheses.  If you could please add what
you have in similar locations identified as PIC or PED, I can compile a
table if folks are interested.   Thanks, Eric

We have the following E-kits (PIC inventory in parentheses)

Assembly Area at main admin building   (10)

EOF   (10)

Assembly Area at offices at about the Site Boundary (EAB)   (10)

Assembly Area at shops/warehouse/offices at PA boundary   (10)

OSC  (125 in varying ranges)

Control Building   (40, split into low and high range)

In addition, we have over 100 PICs assigned to control points just in case
the routine access control system goes down, either due to software
problems or power problems.  Do you folks have equipment/dosimeters for
such a circumstance?

Eric M. Goldin
Southern California Edison
<Eric.Goldin at sce.com>

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