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To Maury Siskel

I was very curious about the name Mary & Dog Thank you for the clarification!

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Hi Peter, et al,
Thanks for asking ...  Jake (Dog) is a 13 year old black lab/collie mix 
who has been my great principal companion for 12 or 13 years. The fun 
began when I ran (and lost) for city council. A local news outlet added 
to my political columns a picture of a large dog food bowl with a little 
chihuahua dog in it. The bowl had the name Killer on it.  <g>  You've 
probably seen the picture on internet. In fun, I adopted the pen name  
Maury&Dog and kept it since then out of affection for him and for the 
smile implied. We really understand and respond accordingly to each 
other. Thankfully, we are term limited so we have much in common. 
Riskanal and Radsafe have tolerated  our serious participation as well 
as our odd sense of humor for a few years.

Scheffler, Peter K wrote:

>Have you ever told us who Dog is?  Inquiring Minds Want To Know.
>Peter Scheffler 
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>Hi Dennis,
>Suggest you post this on Radsafe (Radiation Safety List:
>Where I'm sure you'll get good references. Subscribing to the List is easy even if you only use it this once. In any case, an excellent group
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