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Johanna.Makela at rados.fi Johanna.Makela at rados.fi
Tue Apr 10 04:37:38 CDT 2007

Dear Kjell,

The IEC 61283 requirements for angular response (page 31, chapter 8.5
"Variation of Response with Angle of Incidence of Radiation") are attached.
Second attachment is a paragraph from the type test report of RAD-51,
showing that RAD-51 complies to the requirements set in the mentioned

Should you have further questions, please feel free to contact us any time.

Best regards,

Johanna Mäkelä

Rados Technology Oy
synOdys Group
P.O.Box 506, 20101 Turku, Finland
tel. +358-2-4684 661
fax +358-2-4684 601
e-mail johanna.makela at rados.fi

(See attached file: IEC61283_p31.pdf)

(See attached file: Angular_response_RAD51.JPG)

Johanna Mäkelä

Rados Technology Oy
synOdys Group
P.O.Box 506, 20101 Turku, Finland
tel. +358-2-4684 661
fax +358-2-4684 601
e-mail johanna.makela at rados.fi

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Rados is a SynOdys Company, and is a sister company of GDS (we're all part
of Mirion Technologies, Inc.)

Here is Rados's mailing address ad phone information. I am also copying Ms.
Johanna Makela and Mr. Timo Salomaa, both with Rados as well as Jim Kost
from MGP. They can assure you that you receive the information that you

Rados Technology Oy
P.O. Box 506
FIN-20101 Turku
Phone: +358 2 4684 600
Fax: +358 2 4684 601



Sandy Perle
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Global Dosimetry Solutions, Inc.
2652 McGaw Avenue
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Tel: (949) 296-2306 / (888) 437-1714 Extension 2306
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Personal Website: http://sandy-travels.com/

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I need to find out what European Union standards document IEC 61283 has
to say about the angular response of electronic dosimeters.  Currently,
we have the RADOS model RAD 51 electronic dosimeters and the literature
that came with them states that the dosimeter conforms to the
aforementioned standard with respect to angular response.  RADOS was
bought out so we can not contact them for this information.  Help would
be appreciated.

Kjell Johansen

Point Beach Nuclear Plant

Two Rivers, WI 54241

kjell.johansen at nmcco.com

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