Robert D Gallagher rdgallagher at nssihouston.com
Thu Apr 12 08:49:53 CDT 2007

In discussions with Energy Solutions personnel yesterday, I was attempting
to arrange the disposal of a single drum of radioactive sealed sources
containing about 30 Curies of sealed sources. I asked if space was available
and was told that space for 2007 was available. I then asked how one would
arrange for space and was told that I needed to submit a listing of the
material so it could be priced in order to determine if the value of the
shipment met the value needed to approve use of the limited space. When I
indicated that my last drum had cost $15,000-$20,000 for 7.5 cubic foot, I
was told that they probably would not approve space for the drum but that I
could submit the request if I wanted to.

Surprise Surprise

Apparently, Barnwell is closed to minorities. If you have a waste shipment
worth a few hundred thousand, space will be made available. If your only
going to be spending $10-50,000.00, the Barnwell site is for all practical
purposes closed.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Most of us have been merrily going about our business thinking that the
Barnwell site will continue to be accessible till 2008. For those planning
alternatives, the site is already closed unless your a really big shipper.

Bob Gallagher
713 641-0391

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