[ RadSafe ] Barnwell Closing Aftermath

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Does anybody else feel as I do about this? Barnwell, the only nationwide, commercially available disposal site for most radioactive sources closes to all but 3 States in June, 2008. To my knowledge, at that time there will no longer be disposal capacity for these sources. Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't Homeland Security, the USNRC, and just about every other agency in the US been harping about the threat of dirty bombs since 9/11? I read a while back that there are an estimated quarter to half MILLION radioactive sources floating around out there worldwide, and I would imagine many, if not most are in the U.S. As these sources become unusable, unneeded, or unwanted most are generally sent one way or another for processing and disposal. And, until June of 2008 the great bulk of those will end up going to Barnwell. What happens after 2008? Does anybody have any idea where we are suppose to send these sources for processing and disposal after that time. I know the DOE has a program for the larger sources that are orphaned for one reason or another, but what about the thousands of smaller sources that are disposed of every year? Are these to be stored indefinitely after 6/2008. Seems to me that we are just asking for big trouble if we don't have a safe place to send these sources for disposal. Does anybody feel like I do about this? The clock is ticking!

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