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regarding the variable concentration of U-234/U-238 in waters, the USEPA in
one of their very early reports (during the late 1980s/early 1990) stated
that the concentrations of U-234 in groundwater was greater than U-238 and
the thought was that this was related to decay recoil. The EPA set the early
Maximum Contaminant Level on this "discovery." See the 1986 and 1991 EPA
Safe Drinking Water Act regulations for more detail.

A couple of references you might want to review include the Federal Register
Vol 65, page 21576 (April 21, 2000)

Longtin, J.P. ''Occurrence of Radon, Radium, and Uranium in Groundwater.''
JAWWA. Vol. 80, No. 7, pp. 84–93. July 1988.

paul charp

On 4/12/07, Michael McNaughton <mcnaught at lanl.gov> wrote:
> Dan, are you suggesting that leached minerals could mimic DU? Such has not
> been my experience. In northern New Mexico, we almost always find U234
> greater than U238 in water, and also sometimes in irrigated produce.
> However, we have never found any evidence of U238 being greater than U234
> in leached minerals or in natural biota.
> mike
> At 01:39 PM 04/12/2007, Dan W McCarn wrote:
> >Remembering that U234 is preferentially leached from uranium-bearing
> >minerals in groundwater, U238/U234 disequilibrium may occur in nature
> under
> >weakly-leached conditions*.
> >
> >Is there a database somewhere of the distribution of U238/U234 values in
> >ground waters?
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