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Michael McNaughton mcnaught at lanl.gov
Thu Apr 12 17:47:19 CDT 2007

Dan, are you suggesting that leached minerals could mimic DU? Such has not 
been my experience. In northern New Mexico, we almost always find U234 
greater than U238 in water, and also sometimes in irrigated produce. 
However, we have never found any evidence of U238 being greater than U234 
in leached minerals or in natural biota.


At 01:39 PM 04/12/2007, Dan W McCarn wrote:
>Remembering that U234 is preferentially leached from uranium-bearing
>minerals in groundwater, U238/U234 disequilibrium may occur in nature under
>weakly-leached conditions*.
>Is there a database somewhere of the distribution of U238/U234 values in
>ground waters?

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