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Interesting post. Does anyone have any news articles to forward on this 
subject of bird kills,  or cites to legal action between environmental 
groups duking it out over wind farms vs. wildlife protection?

Many years ago [in 1982]  I wrote a satire about "the most dreaded of all 
power generation accidents --the Loss of Blade Accident [LOBA]" after the 
president of a windmill company fell to his death  from a windmill he was 
inspecting at a wind farm in California after the windmill threw a blade. 
Believe I posted this 1982 LOBA satire [vs. LOCA] to Radsafe some years ago. 
The satire included such phrases for LOBAs as "deadly blade breakdown 
fragments, radiating to great distances". A lot of folks did not see it was 
a satire and attacked me for criticizing an unfortunate windmill accident 
resulting in a fatality, saying the accident was at an "early prototype" 
windmill, and the problems would be worked out. Droll.

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>>>>>> The big issue we are seeing in the big wind farm in Northern 
>>>>>> California is the birds being killed, especially the raptors. Seems 
>>>>>> the nice peaceful areas around the wind farm is a haven for bunnies 
>>>>>> and rodents and other little furry critters the raptors love to eat. 
>>>>>> Trouble is they don't see the blades when they dive in for the kill 
>>>>>> and they end up dead. It has been very interesting to see the save 
>>>>>> the world through wind power environmentalists fighting with the save 
>>>>>> the world through saving the critters environmentalists fight it out 
>>>>>> in court.>>>>>>>

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