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>>The big issue we are seeing in the big wind farm in Northern California
>>is the birds being killed, especially the raptors. Seems the nice
>>peaceful areas around the wind farm is a haven for bunnies and rodents
>>and other little furry critters the raptors love to eat. Trouble is they
>>don't see the blades when they dive in for the kill and they end up
>>dead. It has been very interesting to see the save the world through
>>wind power environmentalists fighting with the save the world through
>>saving the critters environmentalists fight it out in court.
>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

More important to my way of thinking is that Windfarms may also also 
kill humans.

There is some interesting data if you go to the following site and 
click on accidents.


349 accidents are described since the 1970's of which  41 were 
fatal.  The Caithness Group point out that their data is not 
comprehensive.  That they little data from either Denmark or Holland.
CWIF state that the data may only be the "tip of the iceberg."

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