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Sat Apr 14 07:32:05 CDT 2007

Maury, dog, Stewart:
I could use a good laugh now.  If you still have the LOBA  piece laying 
around collecting Trons, let's have it again Stewart.
As an aside, while I was working a contract at Detroit  Edisons Fermi plant 
on Lake Erie, I noted the predominance of nearly gale force  winds at the site. 
 During the post-9/11 dramatizations by Security Weanies  everywhere, the 
exclusion zone around the plant, on the lake side, was extended  out to one-mile 
into Lake Erie, a "no-go" zone for boaters, fishermen or similar  species.  
Strangely, there were no signs or notices forbidding Al Qaida  (sp) operatives 
or terrorists from the region, you just couldn't fish  there...
As I observed all this, it occurred to me that the area out in  the lake 
would make an ideal wind farm.  But, the site also had a  population of raptors 
(hawks, eagles) that would have effectively eliminated the  prospect...  The 
State had been pushing for diversification in energy; but  I don't think they 
would have been capable of confronting local  environmentalists to reconcile the 
issues...  Too bad too.  I think it  would have been a very good site for the 
I like birds, I love nuclear, and think other forms of  green-power 
generation are a fun game, sorta like tinkering with a model  (the parts and pieces 
kind) in the garage; you wanna see if you can make  all the parts fit and have it 
work cause then you will have  won... 
Neil Keeney

A number  of friends and I will never forget your LOBA satire -- that was 
great  satiric humor. And if one closes their eyes, prop your feet up 
with a good  cup of coffee, then the pictures one conjures up are 
absolutely fabulous!  I thanked you then and I'm still grateful for that  

stewart  farber wrote:

> Hi,
> Interesting post. Does anyone have any  news articles to forward on 
> this subject of bird kills,  or  cites to legal action between 
> environmental groups duking it out over  wind farms vs. wildlife 
> protection?
> Many years ago  [in 1982]  I wrote a satire about "the most dreaded of 
> all power  generation accidents --the Loss of Blade Accident [LOBA]" 
> after the  president 

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