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Well, I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s. Nuclear power
plants were not even planned for.  Or even dreamed of.

What industries are you thinking of?  "In the
nineteenth century, New Jersey cities led the nation
into the Industrial Revolution and . . ."
There were leather tanneries, smelters, oil and
chemical refineries, etc.  You name a hazardous
chemical, we probably made or used it.  The area has a
number of seaports.
Conviently, the Staten Island dump was close by.

Regarding nuclear we did have the nuclear armed Nike
Hercules missiles stationed in the southern part of
the state. 

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> Was this a Nuclear Power Plant or some other
> industry?
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> And the oil, the heavy metals, the chemicals, etc.
> They had a plant that would periodically discharge
> water with a pH of 2-3 into the sewerage system that
> eventually dumped into the harbor.
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