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Tue Apr 24 05:06:33 CDT 2007

Please, join me in finding out who sponsored the "Our Poisoned Planet" conference about DU at Portland State last week .. Dennis Kyne leads off the TruthOut video that can be found at ... this hardly seems to be what a university should be doing, spreading disinformation.. you would wonder if they would sponsor a Holocaust Denial Seminar or perhaps a little course in how to burn a cross by the KKK.  Kyne and his ilk, the charlatans of the anti-DU crusade are in the same category.

Truthout Video (I have only seen the opening couple of minutes in which Kyne indicates that he wants to "teach" all 300 million Americans about the horrors of DU .. teach is hardly something he is qualified to do ..  He has parlayed his Expert Field Medical Badge into being in the anti-DU limelight ..

From: pbronson1 at verizon.net
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 03:34:54 +0000
Subject: [NoMoreDU] Video on DU from Portland,OR conference


After viewing the video share your thoughts about contacting Dr. Fasy 
to start developing our scientific data base.

Should we contact Dr. Thomas Fasy, Associate Professor of Pathology at 
Mount Sinai Hosp. to try and begin to develop our informational data 
base on DU?  

(I presume Fasy, who learned about DU when he visited Iraq as a Peace Activist when it was still ruled by Saddam also spoke at this conference .. he is first of all a confirmed peace activist and secondarily a physician, far as I know he has no particular expertise beyond what Saddam allowed him to see .. somehow, a pathologist does not seem to be the person who determines what causes a birth defect or that certain types of birth defects are atypical of the fetuses parents having been exposed to DU) .. I wrote his Department head some months ago; the Department head was not willing to say much.  I just wrote their public affairs office with some more pointed questions.)

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