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What I  would like the "terrorists could crash a plane into it" opponents
of power  plants to address is why they are not equally concerned about
sports  stadiums.  There are far more stadiums than nuclear power plants,
and  none of them are remotely able to withstand a crashing commercial
jet  aircraft.  Where is the outrage that stadiums ignore this risk?   Are
the people who attend sporting events not worthy of being protected  by
the concern of Activists? (OK, I will spot them NASCAR, but how  about
the others?)  

Yes but the PUBLIC tends to think if you did this at a Nuke Plant you would  
end up with Hiroshima and Nagasaki all over. It is their ignorance and lack of 
 education that you (as in the PRO NUKE crowd) fight and the same thing that  
the ANTI's use to their advantage. 

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