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Comments  anyone?

improvements to safety can't ever really be argued with from the lay  
perspective. I realize this list is populated by RAD "experts" some of whom can  talk 
to any level of discussing and add to the thread others while they are  truly 
educated and are very good at what they do they can't get off the PhD  level 
etc. I do not mean this as an insult but rather as a statement of fact. 
This list likely has a few civil engineer types that have a role in design  
and the like of buildings and such that this thread directly relates to so they 
 could best speak to the comparisons of the old versus the new buildings and 
how  they stand up against a WTC type of threat, again some likely can speak 
at all  levels others only where they are in the mix, another statement of 
The lay public (myself included in this respect) will likely see some irony  
just as Sandy has pointed out. If the 104 are "safe" why do we need to make 
the  new ones differently, maybe they are not safe etc will be the likely water  
cooler talk of those that take up this type of conversation, sadly most of 
those  lay folks fall into the Anti-Nuke world, they will likely twist these 
kinds of  things into some contorted mess that has no bearing on the reality and 
truth of  the situation. 
Hence I implore those of you that can speak to the masses on the topic to  
try to do so whenever possible if not, the Anti's will prevail as they all too  
often do in these matters in terms of the "masses" of the general public. 
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