[ RadSafe ] Faith-based Radiation Protection

Robert Dixon rdixon at wfubmc.edu
Mon Apr 30 12:15:50 CDT 2007

Dear colleagues: 
I recently gave an invited talk to the NC Health Physics Society which
has gotten some good reviews and promises to become a "cult classic"
entitled "Faith-based Radiation Protection", and I thought It might be
interesting (or at least amusing) to some of you. 
Warning: it is a highly-irreverent, satirical romp which chronicles my
recent travels through the Orwellian world of "The Radioprotectors",
wherein all normal logic is seemingly abandoned (and all thinking is
based on a limited version of a universe in which radiation is the only
It also has a very low "political-correctness coefficient", but you may
enjoy; it and may also force you to think "outside of their box" for a
while . Beyond that, I make no apology for it. Feel free to pass it
along if you like.
You may access the PPT presentation using the link
If that doesn't work try 
98&ck> =
Also posted at this site is my report on the recent Aug '06 ICRP
stakeholders meeting held in our nations capital (and sponsored by the
French?), which I attended as designated AAPM representative,  and which
was also attended by many of our favorite .govs,  some .orgs (and a few
.nuts). It also gives some insight into what's happening, or what may
happen. So you may also wish to follow the White  Rabbit down this  hole
as well.
Bob Dixon

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