[ RadSafe ] Faith-based Radiation Protection

Muckerheide, Jim (CDA) Jim.Muckerheide at state.ma.us
Mon Apr 30 14:27:08 CDT 2007

As others have said, this is a great presentation!

Note however that NEA is an international organization, under OECD, that
happens to be HQ'd in France.  It is not a French organization.

Also, it is generally yet another uncritical sycophant of the ICRP/LNT
"radioprotectors," and a useful tool for ICRP's 'workshops' sales
campaign.  (Of course they never listen to their critics, or their whole
house of cards would look like a tsunami went through it.)

Regards, Jim 


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>Dear colleagues: 
>I recently gave an invited talk to the NC Health Physics Society which
>has gotten some good reviews and promises to become a "cult classic"
>entitled "Faith-based Radiation Protection", and I thought It might be
>interesting (or at least amusing) to some of you. 
>Warning: it is a highly-irreverent, satirical romp which chronicles my
>recent travels through the Orwellian world of "The Radioprotectors",
>wherein all normal logic is seemingly abandoned (and all thinking is
>based on a limited version of a universe in which radiation is the only
>It also has a very low "political-correctness coefficient", but you may
>enjoy; it and may also force you to think "outside of their box" for a
>while . Beyond that, I make no apology for it. Feel free to pass it
>along if you like.
>You may access the PPT presentation using the link
>If that doesn't work try 
>98&ck> =
>Also posted at this site is my report on the recent Aug '06 ICRP
>stakeholders meeting held in our nations capital (and sponsored by the
>French?), which I attended as designated AAPM representative,  
>and which
>was also attended by many of our favorite .govs,  some .orgs (and a few
>.nuts). It also gives some insight into what's happening, or what may
>happen. So you may also wish to follow the White  Rabbit down 
>this  hole
>as well.
>Bob Dixon
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