[ RadSafe ] Solar radiation causes global warming

Otto G. Raabe ograabe at ucdavis.edu
Mon Apr 30 17:41:54 CDT 2007

At 02:51 PM 4/30/2007, Kai Kaletsch wrote:
>If you look closely at the graph, you will notice that the data 
>stops somewhere in the 1980s. I believe that's when the authors 
>noticed (or were told of) a mistake in their analysis and the graph 
>has never been updated since. Someone has extended the x-axis to 
>make it appear as if the data was current and the analysis had not 
>been discredited 20 years ago.
>The solar irradiance has been pretty constant since 1960,
April 30, 2007

There are several scientific reports about the influence of the sun's 
radiance on recent changes in the earth's temperature. One technical 
article from this year on this subject is "Solar Databases For Global 
Change Models" by H.E. Coffey, E.H. Erwin, and C.D. Hanchett, 
National Geophysical Data Center, 325 Broadway, Boulder, Colorado 
80305 as found at  http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/stp/SOLAR/solarda3.htm



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